Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Grab Bag from Mega-Doodle Inspired!

As you may or may not know, I am a PSE 6 tester for Brandy (Mega-Doodle Inspired). Well, she has this great new Grab Bag for you! Below is the description of what she put in the grab bag! Click on the image to go to her store to purchase it! Right now it is only $3.50!!

A new and exciting Elements Grab Bag! This bag is Commercial Use and S4O/S4H/Web Friendly!

Contents include four products:

1. Notebook & Papers. This is a very versatile element pack. It includes 1 PSD file of fully customizable layers. Add your own colors, paper overlays, and elements, dress it up! Want to tear a sheet out of the notebook for journaling? Three torn/folded papers included! You'll also find 1 doodle and 11 pre-colored notebooks in png format. Tested in PS, PSE, and PSP.

2. Plastic Keychain. This element has so many options! Use it as a frame, journal spot, or even as a tag! This kit comes with a PSD template and tutorials for PS and PSE. Learn to apply and customize styles with these tuts! You'll also get 30 pre-colored keychains, 1 glass window overlay, and 2 metal rings (1 cluster). Tested in PS, PSE, and PSP.

3. Mega-Styles 01. Speaking of applying and modifying styles...This style set was made for the Keychain element! I'm told it kind of looks like puffy paint! This set includes 19 pre-colored styles and one style that will keep the current color of your element while applying new settings. The Plastic Keychain Tut also shows you how to modify these styles for further customization! Tested in PS and PSE. Will not work in PSP.

4. Bread Tag Special. Ok...I'm throwing you a curve ball with this one. When was the last time you saw a metal or even a gem covered metal bread tag? This element is certain to get your creative side to thinking. Apply layer styles to it or even overlay a paper. Hang it around a ribbon or clip it on a notebook.. This set includes 10 colored (plain) metal tags and 10 colored gem tags. Tested in PS, PSE, and PSP.

Here is a little keychain freebie I made for you so you can check out how cool this is!!

Download Here


Gayle said...

Thanks for the super cool keychains! :)

Mistifaery said...

So cute!! Your blog is so great!