Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Menu Plan Monday (on Tuesday....)

I know I'm late with this, but I have a good excuse! I had a sick daughter yesterday and had to take her to the doctor, so blogging wasn't high on the priority list yesterday. I did want to make sure that I did this, though, it keeps me accountable and on plan! So here is the menu for this week.


coffee cake


PB & J, pretzels, fruit
Ramen Noodles, cheese stix, crackers, fruit
Hot Dogs, chips, fruit
Chicken Nuggets, fries, fruit
Mac-n-Cheese, Fruit


Grilled Cheese & Soup
Chicken & Broccoli & Rice
Spaghetti, veggie, biscuits
Red Beans & Rice
Egg Salad Sandwiches, chips
Hamburgers & Fries

For more menu plans, visit here!!!

I also wanted to report that I am so happy with our budget from January. Because of the meal planning, not eating out, and cutting back on the grocery bill, we were able to throw $500.00 extra towards our debt, plus we came out $300 under budget, even with the $500.00!!! I am so excited about this! All the sacrifice is paying off!!! Yay!!



Anonymous said...

Wow, that's awesome you were able to save so much!! I need to get better at that!! My husband donates plasma twice a week so if he needs to eat out for lunch or I want to eat dinner out we use that money, which has saved us a lot! I still need to be better about every day things though!