Saturday, April 4, 2009

Daily Download Freebie and Recipe Book!

Happy Saturday everybody! Today is my turn for the Daily Download over at GDS! Today I am giving you Simply Scrap 02. The preview is below. This is a kit that will have you making a LO in no time! It comes with a template in .PSD format and png files and 4 mulberry textured papers and 5 mulberry textured elements, including a word art. It makes scrapping a page fun and simple!!! Hope you like it! Head over to GDS HERE today (usually after 5pm) to pick this up for free! Remember you have to be logged in to get it!
Here is the LO I made with it! See how easy it is??

Also, some of you were asking about getting my So Simple Recipe Book Vol. 1. It is not in my store yet, as you could tell. Well, I'm here with a special offer for you! This weekend ONLY, I am going to sell it to you from my blog at a special price of $2.50 before it goes into the store!! Once I get payment confirmation through Paypal, I will email you your download links to the Recipe Book!! Just click on the Buy Now button at the bottom to purchase!

This is now available in my store HERE!


dan said...

Beatiful blog.
You're good designer.

So~Inkin~Cute said...

Absolutely unbelievable!! The ONE DAY I don't log on to my computer is a day YOU have the daily download at GDS! And a FAB one to boot! Geesh! I think I have the worst luck! LOL!

Anyway, I just wanted to come to your blog and tell you how fabulous your download was. Probably one of my faves over the past few months! I couldn't comment on the GDS site because the post was closed! Very, very awesome giveaway, girl!

I am so mad at myself for not logging on yesterday! I just promised myself I would take a break from all things computer-related! And look where it got me! ROFL!

I am also really in love with your Wild Child kit (I am pretty sure that's what it's called)... That kit rocks! The colors are soooooo super-cool! I hardly ever see kits that have bold and bright colors like that, so let me tell ya, you get 4 thumbs up from me!!! (Well two are my thumbs, and then I borrowed two of my daughter's; she agrees that it rocks!) :=)

I hope you're doing really well! Your designs are really awesome. It has been so fun watching you grow as a designer! I really envy what you do!! I would love to put together my own kits! Then I could make my own stuff and cater my designs to my photos! How cool would that be!? I don't see that happening, at least not for a long time!

Hugs to ya, sister!