Thursday, December 3, 2009

I HATE Ironing - A Product Review

I HATE ironing! There, I said it! And....I really stink at it! Of course, I don't do it much, probably because how much I stink at it and because I HATE it. Wait did I already say I hate it? Sorry....I just really, really do!! My poor husband, he needs dress shirts for work and they are always in a big "waiting to be ironed" pile in the laundry room. I always promise, "I'll get to them," and I do....eventually, the day he needs one!! I put it off, I admit it...

So anyway, the other night I couldn't sleep and I was watching HSN (Home Shopping Network) and Joy Mangano and her "My Little Steamer" came on. She said that this was the perfect thing for people who hating ironing!! That's me, I thought!! Is she talking to me? Does she know how much I hate ironing? So I made a spur of the moment decision and ordered it. Well, I should say "them", you get two of them!! A big one, which isn't really that big and a small travel size steamer (so cute!). I got the black because I thought if it looked manly enough, maybe my hubby would want to use it too!! lol

The other night they arrived from UPS!! I was so excited! I finally got a chance to really try them out today because we have a "work function" of my husband's that we are attending tonight and he needed one of his shirts ironed! Perfect opportunity to try out my new toy!! Well, I have to say that I LOVED it! I ended up steaming 5 shirts!! It did really well!! It took me a few minutes to get the hang of it, but after I did, it was all good! The shirts turned out great! The only thing that I wasn't prepared for is how heavy it would be!! My little stick for arms felt very weak and tired after holding that steamer up for so long! Made me think that I really need to start working out!! lol The only tricky part was where the buttons are, the bottoms of the shirts and the collars. Some shirts I'm thinking I may still need to iron the collars, that is yet to be seen.

All in all, I would highly recommend this product! Especially if you hate to iron, like I do! I am going to keep the little travel size one in our bedroom for quick morning touch-ups! It is perfect for that. The bigger one will stay in the laundry room beside the wretched old iron...

You can get a Set of My Little Steamers at HSN right now for only $29.95 plus $6.45 S&H. They come a lot of yummy colors!! If you have one or get one, let me know how you like yours!!



Belinda Milone said...

My mother has one and SWEARS by them!
She has to press her work clothes and it comes in very handy for her and stores nicely too!

Sara said...

I hate ironing, too! Which is why we always try to buy the shirts that say they don't need to be ironed. We just pull them out of the dryer and hang them up right away. Or, if we forget (which is usually the case), we stick them in the dryer for a few minutes:) The only time I actually use my iron is on the rare occasion that I sew something!