Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Friend Makin' Monday - a day late.... :(

I love Amber's blog and participated in Friend Makin Monday before, but I kept forgetting, so when I went to read her blog today, I saw yesterday's post and decided to join in anyway, even though I'm late!! Here goes!!
I am....Mommy, Chanin, Channy, Mama, Honey, Snowflake, Sis
I think....everyday about how I can make money for my family using my photoshop.

I should...stop trying to make money and just enjoy the time I have with my kids more...

I dream....of being on vacation somewhere warm, sunny and with a beach!

I want....a new HP Slate when it comes out!

I know...I need to calm down sometimes..

I don't like...winter and dreary weather!

I smell...my yummy strawberry banana smoothie I just made!! Soooo goood!

I hear....the Imagination Movers on Disney and my washer running.
I fear....that I am not always the Mom and wife I should be.

I usually...say too much or speak before I should...yikes...

I search...everyday for new Mommy blogs I like to read.

I miss....my Dad and Stepmom...they live in Florida...I'm in Ohio...
I always...cry at sad movies and shows.

I regret....nothing, really. Everything I have done got me where I am.

I wonder....who my girls will be when they are grown.

I crave....Dr. Pepper!

I remember...having so much fun as a kid growing up in an apartment complex. We were always outside and enjoying being a kid!

I need.....a time out!! lol

I forget....a lot of things, Mommy brain has taken over!! :)

I feel....sad today...not sure why, just feels like things aren't going my way right now.

I can....rollerskate.

I can't....snow ski.

I am happy....
out seeing a movie and eating popcorn with my hubby!

I lose.....track of time when I am on the computer.

I sing....awesome when I am by myself in the car! Especially Maroon 5 or Nickelback!

I listen...to crying and whining all day long....long....long....

I shop.....as little as possible with my kids along!! haha

I eat....Special K for breakfast almost every day.

I love.....my family! The whole bunch of them!!

Visit Amber's blog to read some more!



The Gosfam said...

I don't like to shop with the kiddos in tow either :) Some days are better then others. I always cry at sad movies too.

Jo said...

Thanks for coming by to visit! :) Totally what Amber's blog is about, makin' new friends. Glad to have a new one!

♥Amber Filkins♥ said...

Hi Chanin! I have to apologize, b/c I can't say that I've ever been by your blog! What a slacker! Sometimes it's so hard to make all the rounds on FMM. I love your blog though!

And I love all of your honest answers. I've been trying to think of ways to make extra money from home (I finally started an Etsy shop).

That Strawberry Banana smoothie sounds GOOD!

And I hope that your day is better tomorrow. :)

(I cannot even imagine having all 4 of your own, plus 4 more everyday?? You're one brave woman!)


♥ Amber

MrsJenB said...

Wow, I'm with Amber - 4 + 4? Whew! Good for you, though!

Your girls are just beautiful, you're so lucky to have such a family!

Have a great day! Nice to meet you @ FMM!