Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Vistaprint...a good deal? I don't think so....

I don't think I have announced it on here yet, but my sister, Janae is pregnant with her second daughter. It has been a rough road for her after having miscarriages and now having to give herself a shot 2 times a day during the pregnancy!! I don't know if I could do that! Anyway, she is due at the beginning of June, around my little Ashlyn's 3rd (I can't believe it!!) birthday!

So I, being the big sister, get to do the baby shower!!! I am so excited!! My niece Marlee, Janae's 11 year old daughter, is going to be helping me also. She is so excited to help so she feels like she is a part of things and I am happy to let her!

Well, I designed the baby shower invites the other day and planned on ordering them through Vistaprint because I thought that would be the cheapest way....well, boy was I wrong! I needed 50 invitations and they were going to end up costing me $42 plus about $15 for shipping!!!! Ummmmm....I don't think so....

Then I got one of my brilliant beyond brilliant ideas that I have every so often...lol! I called our local Office Depot and asked them how much it would cost for them to print my invitations. Well, they could fit 4 on a page and only make 2 cuts in the paper and they can print them on glossy cardstock!! Woo hoo!! OK, so what is this going to cost me? A grand total of $8.67!!!! I'm doing a happy dance!! Can you believe the price difference?? Craziness I tell you!

So here is my words of advice...do not get things printed online without checking with your local office store first! I ran into this same thing when I had our 2010 family calendars printed as Christmas presents. Online to order, they were over $30 EACH! When I got them printed at Office Depot, they were only $15 for TWO!

Here is her cute little invitation I made! She is doing a cute little farm animal theme. I blocked out some of the info for privacy.



Red**Apple said...

wow.. i loved the card + thx for the great tip ;)
wish u happy baby shower :D

Kylie said...

why am i not part of the hosting? this saddens me :( i'm her sister to you know?? lol