Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Meal Planning!!

I am ALL about Meal Planning!! One of my goals is to get my recipes printed out and put into a book so that they are easier to find and easier to plan my meals each week and/or month! Meal planning has saved me soooo much money in groceries!!

However, I found this site, Pocket Full of Posies, that may have changed my mind about how I am going to do my recipes now! I love the idea they have come up with for Meal Planning! I just placed an order about 5 minutes ago for my Monthly Pocket Package!! I am so excited to get this! I may end up doing my own recipes the same way they do theirs so that I can use the Pocket System with my own meals!

You have to go check this site out! Tell me what you think! Are you a meal planner too? If not, you should try it out if trying to figure out what you are having for supper each night stresses you out! Meal planning really cuts down on that stress!!

If you are looking for some way to organize your own recipes, then hop on over to my store and get my So Simple Recipe Book for only $1.50 until the end of the month! It is to use in a 8.5 X 11 binder. There are cover pages, back pages, recipe pages (with and without photo), index and/or continued pages included in 5 different colors! A great value!! Just click on the picture below!