Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My husband is going to Haiti...

Sorry it has been forever since I have blogged! Bad blogger, bad blogger! I know!!! Well, hopefully I will be updating more soon. I keep saying that, but it doesn't seem to happen does it??? I will try...

But for right now, I just wanted to write and tell you what is going on in my life. Most of you know that my husband is VP of Matthew 25 Ministries here is Cincinnati, Ohio that does disaster relief and provides for the poorest of the poor. Well, they have gotten a group of Medical doctors and nurses to go down to Haiti to help (mostly the children) that can't afford care...they are now charging for the "FREE" care in Haiti!! So sad.... So anyway, my husband will be leaving this Thursday and will be gone for 9 days. I am asking that you please pray for him and his team! They will need all the support and prays they can get!

I plan on doing my own fundraiser soon to raise some money for these trips Matthew 25 will be taking to Haiti in the future also and I would love your support! If you have any ideas or would like to help in any way! Please let me know! Thanks so much!!