Monday, May 10, 2010

I've been inspired! :)

My daughter's and I on Mother's Day yesterday!

I don't know if any of you read Janae's Blog, Pink Moss, but she is starting a fabulous new site called "In My Daughter's Eyes". I'm so excited about her new see Janae has 6 daughters and I know she and I will have or will be going through some of the same struggles with our daughter's ...although I only have 4!! haha Anyway, her new site is going to have letters from lots of women around the world written to their 12 year old selves! How cool is that??? You need to check out this site!!!

Anyway, why am I inspired? Well, honestly, I was thinking about stopping this blog. I felt down about it...I wondered, does anybody even read this (besides my sister, I love ya, Kylie!)? Does anyone really care what I have to say or what I am doing day to day? Maybe...but probably not...I don't know...maybe they do?? Well, whether anyone is reading this or not, I have been inspired to put more "real" content into my blog. Most of what I write is "fluff" or meal plans or scrapbooking...stuff like that, which isn't all bad, right? It's just that I'm not sharing ME! I mean, I have 4 girls! I should definitely have stories or advice to share, shouldn't I? I am a Mom, a Wife, a sister to 4, an Aunt to 4, soon to be 5, I should be sharing that stuff! The good stuff, the tough stuff, the funny stuff and the sad stuff....the stuff people can learn from or just enjoy reading.

So....that said, I'm going to try to pay more attention to my blog. But not at the expense of my family. That has been my problem...finding the time to write on my blog. So I may not write every may only be once a week, but I will try to do it and I hope that some of you will read it and comment. Please comment, please let me know you are out there!! Please?? :)

I think I got everything off my chest for now! More soon! In the meantime, go check out Janae's site, In My Daughter's Eyes! Her button is in my sidebar! :)



Shmonae said...

How sweet... I am touched, almost to tears and that's sayin' a lot of me :)
I blogged for a long time before I realized that all my posts didn't have to be just pictures or activities. When I started blogging "my heart" everything changed for me. Sometimes it's light hearted and sometimes it's very deep. It depends on my mood. You are right, we will have a lot of common struggles, I am sure we already do!! At the same time I am trying to post my new site about mothering girls, I feel like I am faultering at the same time. It is a never ending battle~
Hang in there with the blog. I am sure people read!! You have 73...or now 74 because of me, followers and that is just who is public!

Sara said...

I read your blog, Chanin!! I'm not sure how many people actually read mine, either, but I'm still going to ramble all over it:)

I'll have to check out that site, thanks! I only have one daughter so far (and she's only 2.5), but I know that will change eventually.

Cascia said...

That is a beautiful photo! It sounds like you had a lovely Mother's Day!

Lingani said...

You have such a lovely family and the girls are sweet too!

Anonymous said...

Keep blogging!!! I've just started my own (within the past hour actually) and was wondering if anyone will be reading my blog. But you have 79 followers so you definitely have people reading yours! Can't wait to hear about your experiences and advice as a mother. Even though I do not currently have children of my own, I'm always interested in hearing stories from mothers for when I will be one in the future :)