Friday, September 3, 2010

I changed my mind....

OK, so I changed my mind...I'm not moving my blog!  Why should I?  All of you wonderful followers are here!  Why should I make you move?  That was so silly of me!!!  I am going to stay put and just modify this blog...sound like a plan?  I thought so!

So, this week was my first official week as a SAHM!!!  So exciting!  I had planned on cleaning the house...didn't happen!  I have been running around all week enjoying my new found freedom!  haha  Playdates, shopping, going to the park, visiting friends, you know, normal mommy stuff!  haha  In my defense, the weather was too nice to stay in and clean.  I have to take advantage of the nice weather while it is here, right? 

Anyway, I really am going to start posting to my blog more, I just have to get on track here.  Get my crap together, so to speak!  So, stay tuned!  I'll be back!! :P