Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our Bathroom Makeover!

So what did you do over your Holiday Weekend?  Me?  Aw, not much....just remodeled our master bathroom!!!!  Yep, we HAD to!  My hubby, Tim, was actually just putting new caulking around the tub, but when he pulled up the linoleum by the tub, the sub-floor underneath was rotted!  EWWWW....  It's ok though, because the bathroom really needed updated anyway.  I'm pretty sure that it hadn't been altered (except a new light fixture) since the house was built.  Since we plan on eventually selling our house, we really needed to fix up the master bathroom being that it is already small, it has to look good!!!

So here we go....here are some before pics.  Plain, nothing special...

Ignore all my junk on the counter! haha

And the new!!!!  Woo hoo!  We actually ended up using wainscoting on the walls because when we pulled out the countertop and cabinet the wall was a mess!  They way they installed it originally was absolutely crazy!  Anyway, my husband patched the wall, but we still weren't happy with the result, so we covered up the messed up wall with wainscoting and I'm so glad we did!  It turned out beautifully and Tim said that it wasn't hard to install at all....I know it wasn't for me....haha.

Here is the awesome floor that Tim put in...I helped a little bit!  These are actually peel and stick tiles from Lowes and grout from Home Depot.  Yes, you can grout peel and stick tiles and they look like real ceramic tiles!!!  It looks awesome!  We love the way these turned out!  What do you think?
I did the painting and decorating, but my husband did all the other labor!  We got the cabinet and sink at Home Depot along with the wainscoting.  I got the shower curtain and rug at Kohls.  I got the shelf and accessories at IKEA and I got the towel hooks, ring and toilet paper holder at Target!  I had a great time shopping!



Aimee said...

Your bathroom turned out very nicely!! The tiles look amazing; I had no idea you could grout peel and stick tiles :) I was wondering, is the process the same as for ceramic tiles? I'd love to try this in my home!

Anonymous said...

Love the new bathroom, especially the walls. Would love to try that look out. Also, I had to laugh because we have that exact flooring in our kitchen! We didn't add grout to it, but it definitely looks good both ways! :-)